Watersheds.online is a project led by the Earth Observation Laboratory at the University of Coimbra. Through this project, we want to help scientists, practitioners, educators, and decision-makers worldwide make better use of Earth Observation data.

Many watersheds around the world, some of which are densely populated and subject to extreme weather events, lack the proper monitoring networks to safeguard life and property. Satellite-based estimates of precipitation, vegetation status, land cover dynamics, and many other variables are a reliable and affordable alternative to users around the world.

However, to fully realize the potential of such data (e.g. IMERG products) it is necessary to raise awareness of available products and analytic tools. It is also critical to train users to skillfully leverage available products and generate actionable information. To date, language and cultural barriers still limit the engagement of many potential users. Watersheds.online aims at helping mitigate these barriers through hands-on training, mentoring programs, and the development of new products and tools. And the best part? Everything is free!

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