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AGU Fall Meeting 2022 Scientific Workshop

Applying Earth Observation Data for Research and Applications in Sustainable Development

The scientific workshop gathered over 120 participants from countries around the world for the discussion of Earth Observation applied to sustainable development. The recordings of the event are now available. 

Event leads: Vasco Mantas (U. Coimbra), Andrea Portier (NASA/SSAI).


We're excited to announce that the recorded lectures from our workshop are ready for you to explore. If you missed the live sessions or want to review the valuable content, you can now access the recordings. To enjoy a more immersive viewing experience, just click on the YouTube video and select "Full Screen" mode.

Imagery and data collected from missions operated by agencies around the world (e.g., GPM, Landsat, SMAP) support spatially-explicit analyses of risk and impacts, including in countries with limited monitoring networks in place. The diversity and volume of data available, advances in machine- and deep-learning applications, and the need to engage stakeholders in a meaningful way create opportunities but also challenges to scientists, practitioners, and decision-makers.

In this workshop, users were guided through a comprehensive analysis of available datasets and state-of-the-art methodologies with practical applications. Participants learned about the fundamentals of key missions, were exposed to inspirational applications presented by leading researchers and developers, and created a fully operational data analysis and dissemination web app using Google Earth Engine.

Speaker: Andrea Portier (NASA/SSAI) & Vasco Mantas (University of Coimbra)

Topic: The wealth of EO data for sustainable development

Agenda and list of speakers (archived)

Part 1: Introduction
08.00: Vasco Mantas / Andrea Portier, Opening remarks
08.05: Vasco Mantas / Andrea Portier, The wealth of EO data for sustainable development
08.15: Jackson Tan, GPM
08.30: Karyn Tabor, SMAP
08.45: George Xian, Landsat
09.00: Q&A period
09.10: Break

Part 2: Data discovery and use cases
09.15: Brock Belvins, NASA resources and trainings available
09.30 Zhong Liu, Discovery and access to NASA products and services.
09.45: Gabriel Senay, Remote sensing-based evapotranspiration modeling for crop water use mapping, water
availability assessment, and drought monitoring
10.05: Thomas Stanley, LHASA 2.0
10.25: Neide Areia, Predictors of public engagement in drought risk management
10.45: Q&A period
10.55 Break

Part 3: Live demo
11.10: Tyler Erickson, Introduction to Google Earth Engine
11.35: Andrea Portier, GPM applications
11.45: Vasco Mantas, Google Earth Engine hands-on demo for IMERG data
13.15: Open discussion period

Part 4: Workshop wrap-up
13.45: Workshop recap and final announcements

Speakers (in alphabetic order):

  • Andrea Portier (NASA/ SSAI)

  • Brock Blevins (NASA ARSET/ SSAI)

  • Gabriel Senay (USGS)

  • George Xian (USGS EROS)

  • Jackson Tan (NASA/ University of Maryland Baltimore Co)

  • Karyn Tabor (NASA/ SSAI)

  • Melanie Follette-Cook (NASA ARSET)

  • Neide Areia (CES)

  • Thomas Stanley (NASA/ University of Maryland Baltimore Co)

  • Tyler Erickson (Google)

  • Vasco Mantas (University of Coimbra / CITEUC)

  • Zhong Liu (NASA/ George Mason University)


Points of contact for this event:

vasco.mantas /at/ or andrea.m.portier /at /

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