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AGU Fall Meeting 2023  Scientific Workshop

From Space to Sustainability: Integrating Data from Multiple
Satellite Missions to Empower Research and Applications

Unlock the potential of Earth Observation data for sustainable solutions. Integrate diverse missions, overcome data challenges, and make informed decisions. Join us to harness the power of EO technology and inspire change.

Event leads: Vasco Mantas (U. Coimbra), Andrea Portier (NASA/SSAI).

Workshop summary

Sustainable development requires an informed decision-making process. Earth Observation (EO) data, obtained from the growing constellation of public and private satellites, has become an indispensable tool for mapping, monitoring, and modeling processes.


It is increasingly recognized that the value of integrating data from multiple sensors is key to increasing the number of variables, spatial and temporal resolution, and ensuring data continuity over long periods. Satellite missions like the NASA Global Precipitation Measurement Mission (GPM), NASA/USGS Landsat, and NASA Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) can provide users with data that, when integrated, offer robust solutions to data needs around the world.


However, data fusion and integration present specific challenges that must be carefully addressed. Different spatial and temporal resolutions as well as satellite observations, for instance, call for specific methods and approaches to ensure the accuracy and usefulness of the end products made available to users.

In this workshop we will guide users through a comprehensive - and real - use case, highlighting how different missions and technologies can be integrated to deploy robust solutions. The use case will be the result of interactions with stakeholders and the development of a set of requirements based on real-world needs. During the workshop, which took place January 24, 2023, the speakers provided a thorough analysis of available datasets and state-of-the-art methodologies with practical applications and code examples (e.g., Google Earth Engine)..










Learning objectives: This workshop is designed to introduce Earth scientists, practitioners, and decision-makers to the wealth of Earth Observation data available and inspire the development of new and impactful solutions.

Participants will: 1) Refresh basic principles of EO and learn about emerging trends in this domain; 2) Understand how multi-sensor EO systems can provide a wide range of critical, multivariate, and interconnected data; 3) Understand how to create a solution starting from a set of user needs and requirements; 4) Gain hands-on experience on finding and integrating relevant datasets including precipitation estimates, soil moisture, evapotranspiration, land cover mapping, and vegetation dynamics.

Recordings and more, coming soon!

Highlighted missions:

Global Precipitation Measurement Mission (GPM)

Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP)


Participants from Tier 1 and Tier 2 countries (as defined by the World Bank) are eligible for no-cost registration at AGU Fall Meeting, including this workshop.

Agenda and list of speakers 

The workshop took place January 24, 2023. Recordings and other resources coming soon.

Speakers (in alphabetic order, may be updated):

  • Andrea Portier (NASA/ SSAI)

  • Gabriel Senay (USGS)

  • Joe Turk (NASA/JPL)

  • John Bolten (NASA)

  • Karyn Tabor (NASA/SSAI)

  • Manh-Hung Le (NASA/SAIC)

  • Martha Anderson (USDA)

  • Sarah Ringerud (NASA)

  • Vasco Mantas (University of Coimbra / CITEUC)

  • Zhong Liu (NASA/ George Mason University)


Points of contact for this event:

vasco.mantas /at/ or andrea.m.portier /at /

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