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Bridging the gap. A joint workshop with UT Austin.

Workshop: Bridging the Gap: Satellite Data and Models for Local Impact

Over two afternoons (November 2023), a panel of 18 national and international experts, in a partnership with UT Austin Portugal, conducted a training program aimed at increasing knowledge about the use of satellite data, stimulating the effective use of existing resources and products such as Google Earth Engine, and their application in local contexts. The free participation allowed the involvement of over 200 participants from 40 countries, most of whom joined the working group announced during the initiative.

Event leads: Dr. Vasco Mantas (U. Coimbra), Prof. Zong-Liang Yang (UT Austin).

Workshop summary

Unlocking the immense potential of Earth Observation and modelling data on a global scale is a powerful resource for addressing societal needs and fostering science diplomacy.

However, navigating this data-rich landscape comes with its own set of challenges, including barriers to data selection, discovery and access, or a correct understanding of the fitness for use of each product.

Coordinated by Dr Vasco Mantas, Director of the Earth Observation Laboratory of the University of Coimbra, and Dr Zong-Liang Yang, Professor in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Jackson School of Geosciences at UT Austin, this workshop provides a pathway to understanding and harnessing satellite data effectively. We will explore the methodologies and opportunities for utilizing global products—both satellite and model-based—for local, high-impact applications.

We're excited to announce that the recorded lectures from our workshop are ready for you to explore. If you missed the live sessions or want to review the valuable content, you can now access the recordings. To enjoy a more immersive viewing experience, just click on the YouTube video and select "Full Screen" mode.


Speakers: Andreia Passos, Vasco Mantas, Luísa Bastos, Sona Ramesh, Joan Alabart.

Check speaker affiliations below.

List of speakers 

Speakers (in alphabetic order):

  • Alex Chunet (ESA representative at the World Bank)

  • Alex Sun (UT Austin)

  • Ana Vaz (IPN/ ESA Space Solutions Portugal)

  • Andrea Portier (NASA/ SSAI)

  • Andreia Passos (UT Austin Portugal, Executive Director)

  • Claude Duguay (University of Waterloo/University of Coimbra)

  • C.K. Unnikrishnan (UT Austin)

  • Joan Alabart (Portugal Space)

  • João Neves (Thales Edisoft)

  • Jorge Cunha (Thales Edisoft)

  • Jürgen Decloedt (VITO)

  • Luísa Bastos (UT Austin Portugal)

  • Sona Ramesh (Economic Officer, US Embassy in Lisbon)

  • Tiago Hormigo (Founder, Spin.Works)

  • Sudhir Raj Shrestha (NOAA)

  • Vasco Mantas (University of Coimbra / CITEUC)

  • Xinxin Sui (UT Austin)

  • Zong-Liang Yang (UT Austin)

  • Zhong Liu (NASA/ George Mason University)


Points of contact for this event:

vasco.mantas /at/ 

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