GPM Mentorship Program, 2023 edition

The second edition of the Global Precipitation Measurement Mission Mentorship program (learn more about the GPM mission) is starting. The first session in the lecture series will take place on March 1st. Even though registrations have ended for the capstone project, you may still register for to attend the lecture series.

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GPM Mentorship Program, Educator Track

This program is directed to teachers and educators of any grade or outreach activities and aims to share how precipitation estimates (rain, snow, hail, etc.) are done on a global scale, using remote sensing observations. It is currently offered at a selected set of locations.

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AGU Fall Meeting 2022, Scientific Workshop

The second scientific workshop organized at AGU Fall Meeting 2022 addressed the use of Earth Observation data for Sustainable Development.

Soon, we will make available the recordings of this event that included leading scientists, developers, and communicators from key organizations like NASA, USGS, and Google.

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Other news: AGU Workshop, recordings are now available

You can now access the recordings of the scientific workshop on Earth Observation applied to extreme weather events and sustainable development, which took place at AGU Fall Meeting 2021 (New Orleans, December 2021). The workshop was organized by scientists from NASA, USGS, and the University of Coimbra and included speakers from USAID, CES, and the Artic University of Norway.

The workshop allowed novice and intermediate Earth Observation data users to understand the diversity of datasets and how to best apply (and combine) them to extract useful insights into complex events.

Learn more about the event and access the recordings here.